We know that Outlook has made it very easy for us to handle our office-related tasks and the emailing has become more-easier with advanced features and tools. And if you are about to work on a feature such as to rename a category that is all existing then be glad that you have reached this site as here you will be guided according to the situation that you need. But for which you will have to take a visit on site right here at Microsoft Outlook email Australia and you will definitely see that the services provided here are the best for we have techs who are well trained and can resolve all the related issues with ease. So now you just need to go through the given guide below to have the appropriate solution.

  • You got to first go to the Tags section from your Outlook Home tab and then give a click on the Categorize tab.
  • You now have to click on the ‘All Categories’ tab for this you will see a pop-up on the current screen, you just need to scroll down to the bottom of the list given.
  • Then on the ‘Color Categories’ box, you have to give a click on the particular category that you would like to rename to be able to highlight it and then just click on the ‘Rename’ box.
  • Now on the page displayed you need to enter the new name in the field provided and the name will appear right near the category that has to be edited.
  • Last, of all, you have to just give a click on the OK button and this will save the name of the new Category you entered.

Now you are all set and can enjoy the latest Outlook features as you have completed the steps given. But if you face any problem while doing the process then you need to immediately connect with the experts here at Outlook email account recovery to have the issues resolved instantly and with effective solutions. So you can without any doubt connect with our diligent team as they are waiting to help out any time.

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